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DISCLAIMER: Words and phrases used in this story, were used in that day and time, and have ‘no’ reference or emphases to people of today...Black, Red or White.

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Early 1891

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Outskirts Press, Inc.

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“Rescue at Pine Ridge”

Rescue at Pine Ridge - an epic novel by:

                                                                                     Erich Martin Hicks

     Rescue at Pine Ridge is a untold story that embodies the Native American Indians, Outlaws and Buffalo Soldiers, in the days of the Native American Wars with the approaching United States of America.

    Rescue at Pine Ridge depicts the true gallantry and spirit of these Buffalo Soldiers in the United States Army.  These volunteer soldiers, most out of the Civil War, endured extreme hardships in their everyday lives, not only from the environment, weather, military personnel, and enemies of the United States, but also from the ones they were sworn to protect.

     The gossip and rumors they experienced were false due to paranoia and racism.  The civilians, their officers, the Native American Indians that gave them their name, who observed their bravery, gallantry and heroism, knew better.  For the Buffalo Soldiers, it was duty and honor after the Civil War.

     Revenge is a word, ‘that’ does not stand in military terms, as a military action, therefore; when a military unit commits revenge, there ‘is’ no honor! Revenge is the only word you could put on this stupidity of killing 350 old women, old men and children, with rifles, gatling guns and hotchkiss cannons which fire one explosive shrapnel shall up to 2 miles, as fast as the cannons could be loaded.

       More Medals of Honor were given to the 7th Cavalry for Wounded Knee, for revenge, than all America’s troops received for D-Day, Normandy, WW-II!

     Many people said this story found me, I didn’t find the story. This is even more factual with the song, song by the late Johnny Cash, entitled, ‘Wounded Knee Tribute’, which only came to me 7 months after I published the novel, 7 years after I wrote the epic screenplay, ‘Rescue at Pine Ridge’.  See Johnny Cash link below.

     Rescue at Pine Ridge is about brutality, compassion, revenge, bravery, heroism, redemption, valor and gallantry.

     Read the epic novel, Rescue at Pine Ridge, the story of the rescue of the famed

7th Cavalry by the 9th Cavalry Buffalo Soldiers...

5 stars Amazon Internationally, and Barnes & Noble.

The late Johnny Cash wrote a song about the 7th Cavalry
and the ‘revenge’ at Wounded Knee, entitled, 
“Wounded Knee Tribute”.
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“The author does a great job of capturing the spirit, tenacity and unwavering resolve these soldiers possessed while carrying out their duties and orders as part of the American Army”

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